Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amiee’s Favorite Things

I’m sure you have all heard of Oprah’s Favorite Things…well I am doing my own Favorite Things GIVEAWAY!!! Finally…all this talk about giveaways, I am finally coming through… and in my humble opinion I am coming through in a BIG way! For the next 14 to 18 DAYS (depending on my schedule, and available time to blog) I will be giving away something that is currently one of my favorite things. Obviously I won’t be giving away cars, and new washer and dryers. I am not Oprah, and I am funding these giveaways myself with money I have earned from selling on Etsy and Ebay!

So, you might be asking why I am doing this?! Well for a few reasons:

#1 As you all know Kate’s Cardiac Cath is on Tuesday June 1st and I am just trying to stay BUSY BUSY BUSY!

#2 I am hoping to get Kate’s story out there… We need all the prayers and good thoughts we can get for our little miracle girl!!!

#3 Giving Away things is fun!!

#4 You all know my desire to become a famous mommy blogger… so I figure I will bribe readers!

# 5 Giving Away things is Fun!!

#6 I am just hoping to make someone’s day a little brighter!

How this is going to work… My plan is to post a total of 7 Giveaways of my favorite things. I plan to post a giveaway every other day. So I will post one Today and then again on Friday, and so on and so fourth. Today’s giveaway winner will be chosen tomorrow at roughly 8PM. (really as soon as the kids are settled, and my glass of wine is poured) Basically you can enter until I post a winner.

How do you enter?!

1. You may leave a comment on the post with the prize you would like to win, Its important you comment on the actual post with the prize not a post from two weeks ago. Worth 1 entry
2. You can Facebook about this contest, linking to my blog, and then leave another comment here saying "I Facebooked!" leaving the link to the Facebook update. Worth 2 entries
3. You can blog about this contest, link to my blog, and leave yet another comment saying "I blogged about it," leaving the blog link. Worth 3 Entries

You have the opportunity to enter each Giveaway 6 times!

This giveaway is open to US Resident Only! Winners will be announced then after having been selected via Random Org and will notified by e-mail (if available) and I blog the winner. Once I announce the winner, you will have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

OK…so now that all that is out of the way… On to the First Giveaway!!!


OPI Nail polish Strawberry Margarita…Katy and I are currently sporting this on our toes!

OPI Top Coat

Ulta 6 Way Nail Buffer (LOVE THIS THING)


Michelle said...

Blogged about it :)

Michelle said...

so for 3 entries do I need to leave a comment 3 times?

Michelle said...

Will you be doing my nails with this fabulous gift if I win :) he he

L said...

I scrolled down and read all about Katy's procedure she will be having. I pray that things will go well for her, and that maybe you all will get some answers to your questions.

Lu...shiregal on SS

Nicole said...

such a cute idea!

Vanessa P said...

My feet need all the help they can get.

Nicole said...

blogged about the giveaway

Ginger B said...

love OPI! fun giveaway! :)


Ginger B said...

I just facebooked about the giveaway! :)


RoadTripJill :) said...

I love the color of the nailpolish! What a sweet idea to do for those who read your blog! Just remember to stay strong. It's anticipating what happens next that is always the scariest. Just remember to have hope!

Brynn said...

I LOVE that color!!!

Brynn said...

I just blogged about this!

Stephanie said...

Need some pampering so would like to enter. Also praying for Kate and your family! You are such a wonderful and up beat mama and that positive attitude will go a long way!

Scrapbookmom said...

Very Cute Idea. Who would not want nail polish named Strawberry Margarita!!

Kris said...

Hey there...I have no blog...can't figure out FB..but did tell all the chicks at work..That should count for something! If I win can Katy paint my toes? (feet, legs and where ever else she may land?)

Maureen in TX said...

That looks like fun, I'll facebook it now!