Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

We have a winner for Prize 1 of the Amiee’s Favorite Things GIVEAWAY!!!

The winner of the OPI set is Brynn!!!


Thanks so much to all who entered and blogged about our sweet girl Kate!!!

I will be posting Giveaway #2 tomorrow. Please be sure to check back in,

Tomorrow is Katy’s Pre-op so we are in for a long day at Children’s. Katybug is going to be poked and prodded (is that even a word) more than anyone should. especially a two year old. I ask for your prayers and good thoughts! They have gotten us this far. It’s helpful knowing that team Katy is rallying behind us.

I dread tomorrow even more so then the day of her Cath at least she will be asleep for her cath, tomorrow she will endure a lot…and her tears will start the moment we pull into the parking garage at Children’s. It breaks my heart, that she knows where she is and what lies ahead of her before she is even out of the car.

I’m trying to stay positive, its just so gosh darn hard!! I just want my baby girl’s heart to be well. I just want her to be better, I don’t want this to be her life. I don’t want her to know this pain. I hate waiting for the other shoe to drop, I hate wondering if every sniffle or cough or low grade temp is going to be the one to send her over and end up with an admission.



RoadTripJill said...

Congratulations to Brynn!

McKay Family said...

Congrats will look awesome on Chay's tootsies.

Brynn said...

Thanks so much Amiee!

You have my continued prayers, I'm glad you got to head out tonight for a fun night, you definitely deserve it!!!

mommy2six said...

Yeah Brynn!