Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Help Me Pick a Family Photo!

I know that I am not giving you a lot to choose from, but it’s what I have.  So will you help me pick the best out of these 6 to have printed and framed!

We are long over do for a professional shot…long over reads We have NEVER had a family portrait taken!  I really want to have one done before transplant?!

Any suggestions on a reasonable reads cheap, good photographer?!  I know highly unlikely!! Maybe I can search for some coupon codes for Kiddie Kandids! Must get this done ASAP! For now help me choose from these candid shots.

Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5



As you can see Patrick was not feeling this photo shoot!



gena christofferson said...

I love all the pics! Especially 1 and 2!! I vote- frame them all! Love, Hugs and Prayers, gena

Brynn said...

I love #4!

Erin said...

#4 I love her smile in that one.

Cyn M said...

#4 for sure

Dominica said...

Number 4.

Anonymous said...

I love #4 as well, and #1 is my second choice.

JCPenney now lets you buy a CD of your picture session. I think it's $79.99 but there may be coupons available. Then you can take it and have prints made at Costco or somewhere else. You can also use the pictures to create digital creations like JCPenneys multi-picture prints.

I bought the CD of my girls' Easter pictures (some pictures of the group, some of each girl) and love that I can print regular prints or make digital creations with them.

Brenda in CA

Christina said...

I vote for #1!!

Nicole said...

#4 is my fav for sure
And look into Portrait Innovations on rt 1, by Trader Joe's
$9.95 for an incredible amount of portraits, and lots of great shots to choose from.

Anonymous said...

#5 because Daddy is looking too - then #4 (deb b)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amiee, I am a friend of Jackie O'Connor- Joyce and she had mentioned this blog post to me on having some photos done. I am currently a full time student at New England School of Photography and I major in Editorial and Portraiture. I would love to do some photos for you as I am always looking to build my portfolio! Here is a link to my blog and you can email me at

Second Heart Mom said...

Aimee- So sorry to hear you are having to deal with all this. My daughter had a heart transplant at 4 MO July 7 of last year. She is doing really well now (although we are still fighting the "gain weight and grow" battle with her). If you have any questions or just want to vent to someone, please feel free to contact me!
There is a program called Flashes of Hope that looks for photographers to volunteer to take pics for families of kids who are sick. If there is a Ronald McDonald House by your hospital, they may know someone as well - when we were there, they had a photographer who came and took pics for free and I think he had discounted rates if we wanted to actually go to the studio.
Good luck with everything. I know its a scary process, but there are a number of us "heart-moms" out here who will be happy to help/support you!