Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We are feeling the love!

Mike and I are humbled by the generosity, love and support we have been given this past week. Our world has forever changed since we were admitted in to Children’s last Tuesday. Some of our fears have become a reality, some of our hopes and dreams have been broken. We now have new hopes and new dreams.

Kathryn is still our sweet Katy Girl! Patrick is still our funny little man! Mike and I we are still in love and positive and making this life of ours wonderful! Even as we face some unimaginable hurdles.

The outpouring of love, kindness and support from our friends, family and even strangers is overwhelming. ( I mean that in the most positive way possible)

We have had people send balloons, cards, add Katy to their church’s prayer, make meals, offer to help set up fundraisers and benefits, do our laundry, watch Patrick. Oh, and the emails and messages via facebook! A friend from school set up a Katy fan page on Facebook!! We are almost at 400 fans!!! That is 400 people keeping Katy in their thoughts and prayers!! WOW!!! Katy's Facebook Fan Page It’s so nice to know we have so many praying for our little rock star! AMAZING generosity!

With all of that, its humbling. I like to be the one making meals, donating raffle items, and sending meals. A part of me feels that if I accept any of this. The reality becomes real. It;s not that we don’t appreciate it, oh my do we appreciate it. Sometimes, even when not faced with a life changing event, its difficult to accept help.

A meal plan has been put in to place by my Bitchin Mama’s! What an amazing group of women. So happy to be part of them! That will cut down on some of the take out that has been happening and will be especially helpful on days we have clinic.

Another friend is working on the logistics of getting the Katy Bands ordered and sold!! So we can all be showing our love and support for our Rock Star!!! I can’t wait for that!!!

Please continue to keep our Rock Star in your thoughts and prayers…she has been a miracle since the moment she was conceived and I know she will continue to beat all the odds!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee & Mike,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.

-Cousin Cindy Forster & Family

Angelika said...
Katy's Team page - join and sign up to help out the Murphy family with dinners, visits,...