Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!!

Today may be one of my most favorite holidays… I’d say top three, unless of course you count my birthday as a holiday and really we should!! More on that another day… you know some day when I am so caught up on day to day blog stuff that I have time to just ramble.  Not to be confused with how I already blog!

Anyway, we had plans and they fizzled out at the last minute.  Which you may have already read about here (what a rant that was)  Anyway, so being the family that we are… with much guidance and assistance from my rocking husband we made the best of it… Again not a fan of making the best of it, but I am beginning to realize that sometimes making the best of it, whatever the it is, making the best of it, is better then sulking and crying whining over things not being perfect.

So we did what we do… I ranted, and whined and Mike packed our beach bags and we headed to our local favorite beach, not really sure you can call it a beach, Arlington .Reservoir  I love it there, I have loved it there since I was a kid!! Mike loves it and now I can say for sure that P & K are fans!!

We had a blast with our babes!!! Thankful for days like this!!!

Also want to wish my cousin Beverly who really is more like the Big Sister I never had…a very Happy Birthday!!!! I can remember as a child always being jealous that she got FIREWORKS on her birthday and I didn’t… Wishing you a wonderful year! XO



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