Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Today is the day…

Well today is one of the days…Not THE day… (I’m trying to imagine what my blog post will be like when THE day arrives. I won’t know until then, since there is no way for me to imagine those kind of emotions. I imagine it will be similar to the day I delivered Katy girl… I don’t know… I’ll be sure to let you know)

Anyway today was the day that Kate’s case was being presented to the entire Transplant team…finally it seems likes its been months since we learned that she would need a new heart sooner than later and in reality its been just about a month, well 37 days…but who’s counting.

Anyway we spent the day with family, having fun with our cousins and splashing in the pool. ( More on that later) All the while I was waiting for the call…waiting to hear Katy’s kidney function results, waiting to hear what the team had to say, waiting, waiting, waiting…trying to act like I wasn’t preoccupied, willing the phone to ring, because I have learned that I prefer some news to no news (even if the news received is not the news I was hoping for). I am so not a fan of “no news is good news.” To me that’s denial.

I was able to keep my act up until 3pm then I started getting antsy…wondering why the nurse hadn’t called. Was something wrong?! Were the nurses drawing straws trying to decide who would be the one to call Mrs.. Murphy with the bad news? Should I call?! I don’t want to be a pest… Mike says wait… rest of the family has no opinion! I decide that I can’t wait, I beg Mike to call, if its bad news Mike will be able to listen and understand it better than me, and I always take the news better from Mike. (MY GOSH! What would I do without that man)

Finally Mike calls and gets through to the transplant coordinator, she is vague…says Dr. Blume wants a sit down to discuss where we go from here. I am instantly annoyed! I assume this is to discuss the feeding tube AGAIN. We have an appointment for tomorrow at 2pm.

Here, I sit both emotionally and physically drained. But, tomorrow I will be well rested and go in and listen to what the “team” has to say. FYI I am bringing my boxing gloves! I’ll update when we know something.


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