Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Transplant Update

Well I had fully planned to give you just a normal Murphy Family non transplant update …you know the kind filled with pictures of us LOVING this life, I still plan to do that. I just wasn’t quick enough and now I am back logged on Transplant info and I feel that right now that is more important…than showing off my little firecrackers!!! For all of you interested in our little girl with her oh so special heart, and for my own documentation. I am thinking it may be time for me to start a traditional journal again, since it seems I never get on here as quickly as I would like.

So here goes…

Today was the final piece we needed to complete before Kate’s case would be presented to the Transplant Gods team. It was a kidney function test, routine test to make sure that Katy’s kidneys are in good working order, since the meds she will need to take post transplant will be hard on her kidneys. Basically the test consists of them inserting two IVs one to administer a radioactive tracer,and another as a port to do multiple blood drawers ( total of 4) As you can imagine that all adds up to another LONG day at Children’s. Thankfully my mom had Patrick. (Thank You Nana)

We arrive at Children’s expecting to just spend the day killing time I mean how difficult can it be to get two IVs in and drawer blood every 2 hours. Well let me tell you… DIFFICULT. I can’t believe how hard it was to get Kate’s IV in. Finally I said enough was enough and demanded that they get the IV team down to do the IVs or we were DONE! MAMA bear was out in FULL force. After waiting 45 mins for the IV team to come she was able to get both IVs in, in about 3 mins. minimal tears for both Katy and Mama.

Live and learn, Kate is hard stick just like her mama and now I know to request the IV team to do any and all IV’s in the future.

Finally at 3:30PM we were all set and ready to roll…just in time to beat the afternoon traffic, which is always a good day.

We should have the results tomorrow and as it looks now, Kate is going to be presented to at the Transplant conference tomorrow AM which will most likely give us a date of when Katy will be listed for her new heart.

I really have no idea how I am supposed to feel… excited, scared, happy, relieved, we are dealing with a whole lot of emotions and I expect to continue on this emotional roller coaster for some time. Still adjusting to our new normal!


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RoadTripJill said...

I just read this one. Also if the IV team isn't available go for Anesthesia. :) They rock!