Friday, July 02, 2010

Transplant Update

June 24th

Sometimes, I need a few days to reflect after our Transplant clinics…since they are so emotionally draining that it becomes physically draining, and truth be told, sleep has been hard to come by. ( I am working on that with my doctor, since this mama needs some rest, and sadly Ambien isn’t working. It was great while it lasted.)

Today Kate had a busy day of x-rays and blood work, as well as the typical check in with Dr. Blume.

We also met with the transplant Surgeon… the surgeon that will hold both of Katy’s hearts in his hands. The heart that grew inside me and has kept my sweet baby growing and living and laughing for the past two and half years…the heart that is failing my princess. He will also hold her brand new donor heart, the one that we hope and pray will get her through the next 20 + years of her life. The one that she will play sports with, and perform in dance recitals, go to prom, getting her through college, walk down the aisle and maybe, just maybe see her through a pregnancy of her own.

I shook that surgeons hands, and it wasn’t until the moment my hand touched his, that all of the above hit me. AMAZING

I use the word AMAZING a lot when describing this experience. Its really an experience that I can’t explain and unless you are one of the few families to have experienced it… I don’t think I can ever relay to you exactly what its like to be living our life.

The good news is that the surgeon thinks that Katy is a great candidate for transplant. Does he wish she had a little more weight on her…yes, but don’t we all. However, he supports our decision to not do the G tube placement at this time. He strongly believes that until Katy gets her new heart, she will not gain any significant weight even with the placement of a G tube.

So, that is where we are. We have 3 more meetings and Kate has to have a Kidney function test and they we will be all set to listed. We expect Kate to be listed as soon as Wed. July 7th or as late as July 14.



Anonymous said...

Glad she is close to being listed. We are thinking of you. No news on another photo day from our friend Kim but will keep you updated. He is slowly getting back to work after his illness.

Erin and James

Lennie Weese said...

That is so great she is so close to being listed.
I think that she will have a much easier time putting on weight after transplant, I don't really know anyone who has not lost weight before transplant (becuase the body is working so hard) and gained weight after transplant (because the meds make you hungry).
I hope she gets the call soon!