Saturday, July 03, 2010

Kimball’s Farm

Today we went to Kimball’s farm, or as I refer to it Disney World of Westford.  (I know can you believe it July 3rd, and it was our FIRST visit this season) I refer to it as Disney World of Westford, because when I was younger and actually for much of my adulthood, Kimball’s was just a yummy ice cream stand, and they had such delicious ice cream it was reason enough to travel there, sometimes from Somerville, MA.  Then they added an AWESOME mini gold course…and now bumper boats, and a huge arcade, oh don’t forget the hot air balloon rides and exotic animals.

Mike and I have had many date nights at Kimball’s especially during my pregnancies ;)! 

It was fun to head there on the super hot day for some yummy cool relief! What is a better dinner on a hot summer night than Kimball’s ice cream! If ice cream does not have enough nutritional value for you…no worries they now serve fried clams and ice cold beer!

Anyway so we finally headed up…we ate ice cream! K & P shared a strawberry kiddie cup with two cones, I had an cherry vanilla chocolate chip Kiddie cone, and Mike had his favorite…he gets it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME Raspberry Chocolate Chip…again kiddie cup because they are THAT HUGE! man, that man is loyal!!!

Then we went on the Bumper Boats Katy & Daddy vs. Mommy & Patrick ( Mommy & Patrick had a severe handicap…since mommy was is a skirt,  that proved to making steering a tad difficult.

We all had blast…never mind that I got stuck and had to be rescued by the 13 year old Kimball’s worker who thought I was so lame!

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