Saturday, August 28, 2010

G Tube Admission Day 2

Our little  rock star had a great night… she slept well and tolerated her feeds over night.  Which is great.  Her G tube is working and looks great!

Her spirits are up, and she is asking to have her hair done. (Proof that she is my girl… I was applying makeup moments after Patrick’s birth :0 )

She is off all narcotics and is just taking Tylenol around the clock.  She is IV free…which always makes her a happy camper.

She is up playing, coloring and chatting up all the staff.

DSC_0458 DSC_0460 DSC_0461 DSC_0474

All her nurses love her, and a few of our favorites have stopped in to say Hi.

I think she has watched more TV in these past 24 hours, than she has in her entire life. And you know what….that’s OK!

We are just taking it easy… today.  We asked for no visitors.  Just so we can all rest.  Yesterday was a long day. 

Possible discharge TOMORROW!!! OH YEAH! Might be our shortest hospital stay yet!

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Kristi Vega said...

YAY! SO glad it all went well. What a great ending to something you have worried about for so long! Now lets just pray she puts on enough weight to keep the transplant team happy until she gets her strong new angel heart! GO KATY GO!

PS- I love that shes a lefty!