Friday, August 27, 2010

G Tube Surgery Update


Sorry, its taken me awhile to update.   As I said admission weeks are hard on me, and I haven’t had much to say. 

Now that it is behind us…(just about we are still in the hospital)  I can tell you all about it.

Friday August 27th 2010

Murphy Family Up and at them 6:30…alarm didn’t go off so we were already behind the ball.  Thankfully Mike had the van all loaded and ready to go the night before.

Rush get kids and self ready… pack last minute essentials.

Stop at Dunkin Donuts because late or not… no one wants mama to go without her caffeine fix!

Drop Patrick off at Auntie Krissie’s… I was fine until Katy and Patrick said goodbye… and then I lost it for a bit…but I made a quick recovery.

We arrive at Children’s with 15 mins to spare.

Katy was admitted and given her loopy juice around 9: 15AM

Met with the surgical team and signed everything.  Liked the nurses, LOVED the ( anesthesiologist who in my opinion one of  the most important people in that OR)

9:45 Katy was feeling fine and keeping us all laughing!

9:54 Mike suited up to take Kate back to the OR. 

9:55 I lost it….nurse was of a comfort.  By the time Mike came back from OR I was put back together.  I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing… but I seem to be bouncing back quicker then I used to.  Must just be my brain is going numb.

10:00 Mike and I went to grab a bite to eat…Au Bon Pain it is.

10:20 Head up to the Surgical waiting room

10:40 Surgeon is out to tell us Kate is doing great and we can see her in recovery in a little bit

10:55 1 hour since I left her… I can hear Katy’s cries as I walk into recovery.  As soon as she hears my voice she is calm… (feels so good, that I still have a calming affect on my sweet baby)  I climb in her crib and we cuddle.  She is given another dose of Morphine while we wait for a bed on 8 East.

Still waiting to be moved to the floor…Katy is resting comfortably.

2:00pm Finally moved to the floor… it was worth the wait since we have a private suite.

Katy had a great OR day…she proved to us once again… that she is a ROCK STAR!! 

We napped and cuddled most of the day.  Tomorrow we will get her up in moving once we can get the IV out of her foot. (poor baby)

Mike is sleeping in the playroom tonight…I’ll be by her bed! We are all exhausted and hoping for an uneventful night

Called to check on Patrick…. I don’t know who is having more fun Patrick or Krissie…. but love to hear that he is having a blast and is being loved on.  Makes being away from his, SO much easier.  Thank you Krissie… I don’t know what we would do without you! We love you!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and kind words…they once again worked!

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