Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It’s not you it’s me…

The past 2 months have been a whirlwind for Mike and I. Our life has FOREVER been changed. We can never go back, we can only go forward and by the looks of it…the road ahead of us is long and scary. We will get through it… we always do. Usually we are OK just doing it ourselves, but we are quickly realizing that this is bigger than us… so much bigger and we need help.

It’s proving to be IMPOSSIBLE for us to do it alone, between childcare, household chores, and the additional financial burden that hospital living is, we have had no choice but to tuck away our pride and just say THANK YOU!

For me that is VERY difficult I like to be the doer, the organizer the helper… I like to donate and babysit and make meals. I am getting better and the only thing that makes it easier is the thought and hopes of Paying It Forward when all of this is behind us, and we are in a better place. Until then we have no choice than to graciously accept any and all help.

We have had an outpouring of support from our friends and extended family. Meals, childcare, fundraisers, visits, LOVE, prayers, and more LOVE. It has been wonderful. It has been said before and is proving to be sadly true. That when something like what we are facing happens you find out who really loves you and who your friends are.

For me, its been a LOUD, rude awakening. I can’t believe that the people that SHOULD be supportive and helpful to us,and by should I mean the ones that if this situation was reversed I would be there is two seconds FLAT. I had thought about publically outing some of them, but have decided that I have more class than that….and they know who they are.

And really, what could I say… I am mad that you didn’t do what I thought you should do… ridiculous and I know that, and that is the reason why I delayed writing this post. I am hurt, disappointed and frustrated. But, its time for me to wrap it up and throw it out the window. Since I don’t have the time or the energy to waste on these people who can’t even call to check on our sweet Katy….or keep commitments they make to us.

So instead, I will focus that energy on thanking the people that are scooping us up and keep us together and helping get us over this horrific time in our life.

I can choose to be angry all the time… or I can choose to accept what it is and surround myself with people who love and care about us. It seems like a no brainer.

Its funny, though…. When you write a passive aggressive post as this one may be interpreted as. The people its meant for will assume I am talking about someone else and the people its so NOT about will think its about them.


Angelika said...

Is it me? Just kidding, but had to throw it in there. What a superbly strong statement. Good on you!

Kerry Leary said...

This sounds all too familiar and I couldn't have said it better myself. As you know I completely understand where you're coming from. People that you've never even met or maybe came across once or twice in your life are more supportive than people that are suppose to be your "friends" or "family". Once the dust settles and they want to re-enter your life is when you tell them to screw. Everyone wants to be there when times are great but when you're at your lowest, no one wants to be there for you. It's frustrating.

From one "heart mom" to another...