Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to reality… ahhh

We landed in Boston at 1:00 pm and we were in the Children’s Hospital ER within 24 hours… I know I didn’t believe it either.

Katy was very tired when we got home, to be expected. We all were. We were NON STOP all week in Disney.

Then she puked. ( I really have tried to find a better word for puke… there really isn’t one.) Still hopeful Mike and I decide that she probably is just overtired… then she puked again,and again and again. So now on top of all the vacation laundry we had puke laundry. LOVELY

We had a rough night and then the dry diapers started… never a good sign for a heart baby that takes 3 diuretics. I knew if I called, we were going in. I had no choice I called… they sent us in, and we prayed we weren’t going to be admitted.

It just made more sense for me to head in with Katy. So we did… we have a speed pass for the ER. (Only positive I can see to being on the transplant list)

O2 Stats were 99 …can’t beat that and she seemed OK just dehydrated which like I said due to her diuretic dosage is very easy for her to do.

Dr. Blume came down to see us and work with the ER doctor for a plan. Thought about admitting us, I begged her not to.

It was decided that we would stay for the next 4-6 hours and see how Katy tolerated Pedialyte through her tube, after she was given Zofran to stop the puking. Hmmm… maybe that damn tube is useful after all. It certainly in my opinion saved us from an admission this time.

Since she tolerated it fine… we came home and were able to run the Pedialyte through the tube to keep her hydrated.

I know at this point I shouldn’t be surprised at this… but really not even home 24 hours. I suppose it could have been worse… could have happened while we were at Disney!

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