Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Ahh… SO much to say. Some of it I will attempt to do in this post and the rest is probably better left unsaid… If you are like my husband… that last statement will drive you crazy. Not my intention but not sure I have the brain power to spill it all right now. Not to say that I won’t in the future.

So what have the Murphy’s been up to since our return from the happiest place on earth… oh, you know us never a dull moment. Mike’s famous words “Honey, It’s OK, but damn we couldn’t make this shit up”

So as you know we arrived back on Sunday and by Monday afternoon Katy & I were headed in to children for some fluids. No big deal!

On Thursday 10/16 Katy had a routine GI appointment to have her G tube looked at… when will we learn that it is never ROUTINE for my girl Kate. GI doc was not impressed with how the sight looked… he felt it looked infected…we felt it looked like it had since she had the damn tube placed 6 weeks ago. So that earned Katy an admission to good old 8 EAST for a super duper dose of IV antibiotics. Now mind you this is 9 days before we move!

UGGG so we arrange care for Patrick! Thanks Tracy! and just try to get through the 48 hour admission. The team really worked well with us to get us in and out as soon as possible.

So then we are hope to PACK AND PACK AND PACK! My mom came over to help! Thank goodness!

Moving day finally arrived… Thanks to John, Justin, Brice, my mom and Krissie… were able to get it all moved and the kitchen and Bath somewhat settled.

Super Special Thanks!! to Papa & Tracy for taking the kids for the ENTIRE day! WE couldn’t have done it with the babes around and they had a blast at Papa’s!

So we are in and slowly but surely getting it done. The boxes and chaos make me very unsettled. We already love our new home and town. This is going to be a great thing for us.

Once I have a moment or two I will get our We’ve Moved address cards out to you!

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