Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! I know I’m a couple days late… (but I am back dating this…just so I can appear to be a put together on top of it blogger)

In honor of our recent trip to Disney…and the kids adoration with the Mouse and his Mrs. K & P were you guessed it…


Mickey and Minnie and I mean really… could they be any CUTER!

They both quickly learned that saying “Trick or Treat” or as Patrick says in his sweetest little boy voice… “Treat” that they got a handful of candy!

My kids certainly know how to ham it up… we had complete strangers asking us if they could take their picture.

We practiced for the big day on Saturday… we went Trick or Treating in downtown Stoneham!


Since, we had just moved the week before and really don’t know our neighborhood yet, we went to Papa’s to do our treating on Halloween night!


We only went down my dad’s street…and the kids have MORE than enough candy… considering I found and threw away candy from last Easter when I was packing.

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