Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Day 11

On Day 11 I am was thankful for modern medicine for a multitude of reasons. As many of you know I struggled with infertility for nearly 7 years. I honestly believe that if it were not for IVF (In vitro fertilization) I would not be a mom.

30 years ago…which really isn’t that long ago you know? A baby with Kathryn’s heart condition would not live, if it even survived pregnancy and childbirth.

As you all know Katy is alive and living a very full, active life as a 2 year old I mean almost 3 YEAR OLD! The reason for that is the 6 medications she takes multiple times a day and her follow up care at one of if not the best Children’s Hospital in the world.

Thankfully we live in a part of the country with new medical technology and her heart defect ( I really dislike that word…trust me there is nothing defective about my little girl) was detected at 18 weeks…AMAZING! We received phenomenal prenatal care, and a team was in place to take the best possible care of our miracle.

So today, day 11 and EVERYDAY I am thankful for modern medicine.

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