Monday, December 06, 2010

Celebrating Katy Girl

For obvious reasons we have always ( well 3 times) have celebrated Katy’s birthday during the 1st week in December as opposed to closer to her actual birthday which is the 20th of December. I just didn’t want her celebration to get lost in the Holiday Hoopla. As it is it seems like we are going non stop with sweets and gifts from Thanksgiving until Valentine’s Day. But, hey I am not complaining.

Given Katy’s cardiac status and the fact that she is on the heart transplant list, Mike and I went back and fourth on even having a party. We really waited up until the last minute and then just decided to go for it. In a bit smaller scale. I figured, hoped, wished that the moment I sent the invitations our phone would ring with the best gift of all. No such luck. So we celebrated.

Although, we opted for a more traditional party at home as opposed to the HUGE shindig we had last year. We still celebrated our amazing little girl in a BIG way instead of one HUGE party we had TWO! One for her little friends Friday morning and a gathering of friends and family on Sunday.



Thanks to everyone who celebrated our little girl. We love you!

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Spoiled Mama said...

Thanks for sharing her Birtday with us! She looks super excited about that cinderella doll MaMa!!! Will Katy be playing with dolls after all...and that Bity Baby Oh Boy!!!