Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Smiles

Yup, that’s the name I decided on.

Sundays… I will hopefully reflect on the things that made me smile. It is my hope that I will have 7 things that made me smile…one for each day of the week.

Even though I struggled with deep in depth things to be thankful for in my Give Thanks Posts. I am pretty confident that I can always find things that make me smile.

I did it this week and it was AWESOME! As I felt the smile come across my face, I took notice and relished in it. It made what would normally be something I would just over look, meaningful.

1. Picking up the laundry off the floor and seeing 4 towels hanging in the bathroom… Love my family!

2. mmm… peppermint lattes

3. Katy’s excitement as we prepped for her birthday party

4. Having a heart to heart with Mike’s son Justin.

5. Listening to K & P chatting in their cribs before bed.

6. Reading “Just One More” Bedtime story

7. Hearing Mike’s new voice mail message… that ended with “If this is Amiee, I love you”

Writing all those things out made me smile all over again.

I encourage you to try and take time to notice the things that make you stop and smile! If you do and you blog link back here. I would love to hear what makes you smile!


Kristyna! said...

Can we write more than 7 things?! All those things made me smile! I'll link back shortly with my own :)

Kristyna! said...

Heres a link to my Sunday Smiles!