Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Murphy Christmas Cards 2010

Well I had originally planned to have the kids Christmas photos taken at Picture People, then as we were running out of time. (Long gone are the days that I would mail my Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving, but I digress.)

I decided that we would give it one shot, and I would attempt to take the photo myself.  The kids were in a great mood, I had my trusty assistant (AKA Mike) so I figured we had nothing to loose and if I was able to get just one shot, it would be worth it, and save us a ton of money.  Since I am ALWAYS roped in to buying way more poses and shots than I need.

I am so happy with the results.  I even love some of the out takes.  I will share the outtakes below and the one we sent at the end.



Christmas 2010

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Kristyna! said...

I LOVE the one where she is giving him a kiss! Her pose and everything is adorable!!!