Monday, December 13, 2010


How hard is it to RSVP?!  Really?! I take the time to send you a traditional invitation  via USPS.  I give you ample notice.  All I ask is that you let me know whether you are able to come or not?! If you can AWESOME!, If you can’t I understand, just call, email, text me.  Some how let me know.  So I know how many damn cupcakes to make.

I might not care, if it was a regular that just happened to over look the RSVP.  But, its NOT.  It’s always the same people.  (Mostly, family) and Mike’s response is to just not invite them.  Well my response to that is I would rather bake an extra dozen cupcakes, than to see what World War 3 would look like.  Since my guess is that is what would erupt if I just chose not to send invites.  AHHHH…. RANT OVER!  That is until next month when I do this all over again for Patrick’s birthday! I know the little man is going to be 2!!!

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