Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards

I love all things Christmas. I especially love Christmas Cards… sending and receiving.  I love flipping through the mail for the handwritten addressed cards, I love ripping into them (especially the foil lined envelopes) Oh, and picture cards are MY FAVORITE!! I love to see how the kiddos have grown, throw in a Christmas letter and I am over the moon!  Yup, I LOVE me a good Christmas letter!  I hang them up in a prominent spot… so excited that the wall in my kitchen is a perfect place to display all our holiday cards.  If you send me a picture card… I keep it forever!! I have an entire album dedicated to Christmas card photos, I love to look back and see how our friends & family have grown and changed!

For the past 7 years I have sent handmade cards, with a photo.  I send about 75 cards so it is usually quite the production… a production I love.  I play Christmas music, sip some hot chocolate or sometimes a glass of wine.   I design and produce each and every card. 

Well this year, I just COULD NOT DO IT! I had the design, I even had purchased all the supplies needed to make the cards.  I just COULD NOT find the time to produce them.  After much discussion with Mike we decided that it was something I had to let go.  I would work on getting the perfect picture of my two holiday babes! and I would send GASP!!! BOXED CARDS!!! GASP!!!

I decided to attempt to take the picture myself after missing our appointment at Picture People and running out of time.  I am so happy I did.  The kids were in a great mood and I got MANY great photos.  ( I will share them just as soon as I am sure that the cards have arrived)

Saved us well over $100 in photos.  Spent that in cards! LOL!

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