Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Smiles 12-12-10

I am excited to hear that some of you are going to start doing Sunday Smiles… (that makes me smile) Don’t forget to link back to here. I am looking into having a Sunday Smiles button made. I really wish I was more digitally inclined.

So this weeks smiles…

Monday 12-6-10 Editing pictures from Katy’s birthday celebrations. She was so happy and excited!!

Tuesday 12-7-10 Patrick running up to Santa…and giving him a High 5! He was so excited to see Santa. I don’t know what it is that makes visiting Santa so magical. I have a fabulous family photo so I can relive that moment.

Wednesday 12-8-10 Katy packing her Minnie bag for her stay at Children’s. It amazes me after all she has been through, she loves going to see all her “fans”.

Thursday 12-9-10 Katy’s surgery going so smoothly….she didn’t have to stay overnight! AMAZING!!!!

Friday- 12-10-10 Watching Katy and Patrick admire all the ornaments on the tree. Love that they admire with their eyes and not their hands!

Saturday 12-11-10 Realizing I only have three people left to shop for and one is a gift card!

Sunday 12-12-10 Being SICK as a DAWG… sicker than I ever remember being and Mike telling me I still look beautiful.

What made you smile?!

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Spoiled Mama said...

So I am not great at this blogging thing...but here is a link to my sunday smiles and on it I have a link to your blog =)