Sunday, January 09, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Yesterday I started back to my 10 hour school day! Oh, MY!

It’s a long day, but its nice to be with friends, and feeling knowledge flow in to my brain, discussing sometimes debating with others about beliefs and feelings on various subjects, sometimes hot button issues.  It’s nice to have a “safe” environment to defend your beliefs and opinions.  I know the kids have a great day with daddy.  Yesterday, I left them all a  love note, when I got home Katy asked me about the love list I left with red marker.  I love that she is old enough to get things like that.

We have been busy running errands and preparing for Patrick’s SECOND birthday! Yup, he is going to be 2! My goodness!   2 years have flown by.  He is very excited (as is Katy) for his monkey party!   Need to plan the menu and shop for that this week, and I still have favors and his banner to make.  More on that later

Katy’s G tube site is looking FANTASTIC… I hate to even write that for fear of jinxing us.

Mike and I  ( really just Mike, since I have not been feeling 100% for the past couple days) has been working hard on our house to simplify.  Which makes my heart happy and clears my mind.  It also, is a reminder that as long as we have a house full of babies… it’s never going to perfect, and you know what I am OK with that.  As long as the house is clean a little clutter won’t kill us… I am just trying to keep the clutter to  a minimum.  Basically, I want our home completely livable and comfortable for Patrick and whoever comes to care for him, when we get “THE CALL” which is why I think it has been so high on my to do list.

Speaking of “THE CALL” we are trying to prepare as best we can, I mean its nearly impossible to plan for something that you don’t know when its going to happen.  But, we have a semi plan in place and I am feeling comfortable with that.

Sorry I don’t have any new pictures to share… all has been kind of boring around here.  I should have some fun snow pictures by the end of the week! It sounds like we are getting hit hard!! Super excited for that, but it is making my birthday errand schedule a bit cramped. 

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