Friday, January 14, 2011

Potty Training Take 2

You might remember back in August when we attempted to potty train Katy.  It turned out to be a bust, at the time I thought it might be her high doses of multiple diuretics, when now I realize it was more likely that she just wasn’t ready. 

Last week while shopping at Target, Katy’s favorite store, (mine too) we were shopping for tights and Kate spotted Minnie Mouse underwear that she just had to have.  I explained to her that once she was ready to use the potty we would get them.

The following day, she announced she was really really ready to use the potty and she wanted the Minnie Mouse underwear, we were out running errands and Target was not on the list.  She was persistent, and I decided that if she was ready it was worth the trip to Target.  We bought the underwear and some Pull Ups and talked about being a big girl and using the potty and Pull Ups only for bed.  She said she was ready, the real question was I?  I bought three packs of underwear, 21 pairs.  I expected to be cleaning up a lot of pee.  Today is Day 5 and we haven’t used our entire supply of undies yet!!!   She has peed more on the potty than she has off… although today was rough, she had 3 accidents in 2 hours.  We were celebrating Patrick’s birthday with our playgroup and clearly using the potty was not a priority.  I am happy to report once everyone left she went back to using the potty!  Needless to say Mike and I are very proud of our little and we are all doing the Potty Dance!  

My only advise to mom’s out there trying to potty train…is that they will train when they are ready.  Simple, but very very true.  Also, if you try it and it doesn’t work don’t be afraid to put the underwear away and try again in a few months. 

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