Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dreams do come true…

Sometimes I get so caught up in the… what should have been.

The this wasn’t my plan.

That I forget, that right now in this very moment I am LIVING the Dream!



The exact dream…

I am married to a wonderful man. A man that loves me unconditionally, and still treats me like the princess I was so many years ago.

I am a mom, to two beautiful kids. That brighten even my darkest days. Seriously… they are AWESOME! My dream was always to be a mom. I am thankful each and every day that my dream came true. ( I still remember the years we struggled to have a family, and I thought that my most important dream wouldn’t come true, and then I was happily blessed with a sweet baby girl, and the most wonderful little boy…Dreams do come true.)

I dreamed since I was maybe 8 years old that I would have a little “girly” girl who loves dressing up, having her hair done, and GASP! Playing with mommy’s make up!! (As you can see from the photo’s above… that dream came true)

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Nicole said...

great post Amiee!