Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Gone are the days of green beer… now the leprechaun leaves green milk and Lucky Charms, and of course a pot of gold for each of our Irish Babes.

Can I just tell you how AWESOME Mike is… at 10:30pm on March 16th… I told Mike that I had forgotten to get the kids Lucky Charms to leave out from the leprechaun. Don’t you know that he went to the grocery store bright and early before the babes were up to get them so they would have them. Made my day! Such a great daddy. We are sure lucky to have him.


Sure, I wish that we were celebrating with some of our favorite cousins at The Shannon Door. But we had a fun day at home, where we all proudly sported our green. Katy’s Tinkerbelle crown was the perfect green accessory.


Then we made oh, so colorful rainbow cupcakes.


I can’t believe I didn’t take an after photo.

For recipe and to see a photo of the finished photo you can click here. Ours looked just like the ones shown. So fun!

Auntie Krissie joined us for a boiled dinner! At 7pm Katy looked around and said. “ Mommy, look your wearing green, Daddy’s wearing green, Auntie Krissie’s wearing green, Patrick’s wearing green and I am wearing green. We are all wearing green.” Only took her 10 hours to realize it. Love that little girl!

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