Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

It’s raining… it must be Spring!! I’m just thankful its not snow! Since here in New England snow is completely possible! Remember that HUGE April 1st snow storm back in 97! I do I was sick with strep throat.

Anyway… I am so excited for Spring! Since before we can get to beach trips, and sprinklers and lots of fun in the sun… we have to get through spring.

Spring is so hard to dress for, and therefore makes clothing organization especially for K & P miserable! I feel like they have every season of clothing floating around our house.

They still need winter, because it is still chilly out there!

They need their rain boots because it is wet out there!

They need spring jackets because some days are warmer out there!

They need swimsuits because we have been loving Open Swim on Sunday!

Then we have all the clothes they are out growing…

Then we have the new Spring/Summer clothing I have been slowly buying!

I am drowning in clothes, clean, clothes dirty clothes, winter, spring and summer CLOTHES!

Weird, that my spring post… turned into a clothing post!

(This post was originally titled “It’s raining”… I decided Stream of Consciousness was more fitting)

I know you are probably thinking… where are all those pictures she keeps telling us about?!

Yup… they are still on my phone, and still on my camera card in my camera… all 400+ of them!

I need to clear them off… because there is a new baby in our family… and I am going to go snuggle and love on that little babe… and I will need space on my camera for fresh Baby skin!! Oooooo I love me some fresh baby skin!!

I have been spending all of my free time knitting! I started a new blanket… for our living room and I really want it done! It’s a pretty teal and I think its going to look great draped over thrown in a ball in the corner of our red couch!

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