Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Katy is really funny… she has a sense of humor and “gets” things that would go over the heads of most 3 year olds. I love it! I also have to be really careful of what I say around her!

While at the doctor’s the other day. Our nurse Elizabeth was talking to Kate and asked her where she got her outfit, and Katy matter of factly replied”Target” If you know Kate you know her favorite store is Target! Elizabeth said. “Wow, Katy you really love Target, is that your favorite store?” Kate: “Yup, it’s my favorite store!” Elizabeth then asked: “What’s Patrick’s favorite store” Katy then replied: “ Home Depot!”

We all burst out laughing… I have no idea why she said it. It she said it in a tone that was like…Duh! Obviously it’s Home Depot!

Now that I write it out, I have no idea why we all thought it was so funny! I guess it was because it was unexpected…clearly the gender roles are already well defined for Miss Kate!

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McKay Family said...

Love it!! They definitely come up with some crazy funny stuff sometimes!!!