Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Top 5 Motherhood Moments of all time?

I was reading Kelly Hampton's blog and she reminded me of one of my favorite Motherhood Moments. Love her or Hate her… I happen to Love her!

There are those times, that make you stop what you are doing so you can LOCK the memory into you memory vault. The times that if a camera is not near by you are bummed for a second, quickly stop being bummed and enjoy being in that very moment. You tell yourself if it’s to happen again I will snap a picture if not I need to be able to recall the picture in my brain. For me there are many many moments in my Motherhood Vault of Memories Both good and bad.

As I flip through that memory book in my brain I am happy to report that there are more happy good wonderful memories than there are bad, not my so finest moments.

Here are my current Top 5 Motherhood Moments.

1. Kathryn being released from the hospital. I will NEVER ever forget that moment. I will never forget the excitement I felt that day. It was earlier than we had expected. It was AWESOME!

2 I love the moment when you are nursing your baby your baby gazes up and stares into you eyes, you smile, they smile all while never loosing their suck.

3. When Katy & Patrick give each other the sweetest hug/embrace.

4. When Patrick gives me the side eye…when I ask he “Who do you love” and he turns his side eyes into a huge wide grin and smiles… and says mamma.

5. When Katy sleeps in my bed ( not often, and usually more for mommy’s sake than Katy’s and she cuddles up and has to keep her hand on me while sound asleep. During those moments I know that she still needs me and wants to cuddle and love her mommy. Even though she is growing so big and being so much less dependent on me.

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Those are the moments that make up a life well lived. Honestly, I think too many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget, or never even realize that those moments are so precious. Good for you for treasuring the important things and may your vault overflow with them! Blessings and continued prayers from the end of the dirt road -Karin