Monday, March 07, 2011

Katy Girl Update 3-7-11

Katy woke up this morning and looked the best she has in weeks. She had rosy cheeks, she was running around the house! Didn’t appear to be a child that was headed in for a full work up to check for congestive heart failure. She looked FANTASTIC! I actually felt bad that we even called since I wouldn’t have called on Friday if she was looking like this… and I might have actually gotten some sleep! Not complaining… actually we couldn’t be happier. We both decided we should go in and just get a baseline.

Kate was once again reminding us that she is a ROCKSTAR! She was very brave for all her tests. Blood work, X Ray, and the dreaded ECHO! She was amazing!

So what’s going on with Katy Girl?

On appearance we can all agree she looked fantastic.

Dr. Blume was very happy to see her looking so well. Her blood work is not back yet. Her X ray showed some fluid in her lungs, but not enough to be overly concerning.

Kate was a Rockstar through her entire echo…

Katy Echo

Her echo showed no change. So it was basically decided that Katy must have had a bug or something and she worked through it. We will continue to supplement with tube feeds and hopefully we can continue to wait for a new heart from the comfort of our home.

Thank you for all your prayers and kind words over the past couple days. They mean the world to us, and clearly are working!

We love you!


Amiee, Mike, Katy & Patrick!

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