Friday, March 04, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I mentioned back here that we were noticing some subtle changes in Katy. For the past two weeks or so we have noticed Katy becoming increasingly more tired and cranky. When the changes are subtle it is so hard to know if it is heart related or just 3 year old related. To be cautious and to make sure that we weren’t unknowingly ignoring a sign of congestive heart failure, we called the team explained that Katy was requesting naps, ( where she had most recently just starting to get to the point of not needing a nap) more cuddle time on the couch and just a bit more cranky and demanding.

The team heard us, and agreed that it could be heart it could be a 3 year old. Lets wait and see. Ahh… my favorite response, wait and see, right up there with a “it’s a virus” diagnosis. They both mean there is NOTHING I can do… lets see were it goes!

So we went about our life… Mike and I had our first visit with the trainers at the YMCA, I started back to classes… just a few more sessions to go. We painted, and shopped, had bath time and folded, LOTS AND LOTS of LAUNDRY! ( I swear it multiplies by the time it comes back up from the laundry room. )I am sad to say that as much as I try… I can’t seem to get the laundry ( that is all folded and separated by family member) into the DRAWERS!!! Anyone else have that problem?!

OK. Back to Katy…

We did all that knowing and silently acknowledging to each other, that Kate wasn’t right and wondered what was going on, praying she would snap out of it and we would continue to wait for a new heart from the comfort of our home. ( We still might be doing that… We don’t know anything different as of right now)

So yesterday, we realized that in addition to Katy being lethargic, and cranky she had really no appetite and ZERO interest in eating. Still drinking and peeing ( which is a good thing) but, really ate NOTHING yesterday. That symptom alone would be enough to scare us, add that with the whole cranky tiredness we have going on and there really is no denying that this is more likely heart related… and not just a tired 3 year old.

So for the second time since we had the G tube placed back in August, I was happy to have it last night. With Kate refusing to eat we can be sure to know she is getting X amount of calories and vitamins, through her tube feeds. I would much prefer for her to eat her calories, but if she won’t then I know we can maintain her with feeds. For Kate to lose what little weight she has would be devastating.

So we called the team this morning and of course they agreed that the no eating was a concern and it was time for a full work up. So Monday we are headed in for blood work, EKG, Chest X-ray and an Echo. Hopefully, they all come back normal, or maybe her meds just need to be tweaked.


Spoiled Mama said...

Hope everything is okay with Katy, there are so many germs floating around it really could be anything! As a mom I do understand the uncertainty of not knowing just not to the degree you have to face. Prayers and Healing thoughts being sent your way! See you in the am xoxo

Hope's Blog said...

Praying it is just 3 year old stuff and nothing heart related. There is a lot of icky buggy stuff going least here in Ohio. I will be thinking about all of you and praying for Katy on Monday.

Bugtheteacher said...

I hope things go well and that they can tweek her meds so that she will have more energy,

Tiffany said...

Praying for you all! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your appointments on Monday. I really liked your blog. Came over from MWOP. Praying for your Katy and hoping this is nothing serious but your are right to follow your Mommy heart.