Monday, February 28, 2011


I know here comes Debby Downer… I am! I am just down… and the only thing worse than me being down is Mike being down… and he is. I mean who could blame him, he is here, right along side me… trying to get through the days…waiting and waiting and some more waiting. Watching subtle changes in his little girl, our little girl reminding us that her heart is getting weaker. For as much as Katy is the light of my life…she clearly hung the moon in Mike’s eyes. I have never before seen such an amazingly, wonderful relationship than the one that Mike and Katy share. From day one they have been smitten with each other and let me tell you how happy that makes my heart! I love that they each have the other wrapped around each others fingers.

So although, I could tell you all the ways our life could be worse… and I know it could. I am reminded of what a dear friend always says when I say that…she kindly tells me that I am right, it could be a lot worse, but it could be a heck of a lot better. I suppose she is right, but when I think that, I’m reminded that maybe some of our days are long and our nights are often sleepless, but most times are days are fun, and we are busy making happy memories, and our faith is restored when friends, family and sometimes perfect strangers do nice things for our family because we are going through a difficult time.

So in an effort to take back our life, and to STOP living ( if you can even call what we have been doing living) and take back control of our days, our lives, both as a family, as a couple and individually.

It is best for all of us, but I know its certainly not going to be easy.

The kids are signed up for story hours twice a week.

A Family membership to the Y was just so kindly and generously donated to our family. I plan on making good use of that member ship.

Mike and I had a date night on Saturday… I can’t tell you the last time we did that and it was ordered by Katy’s doctor.

So expect some more fun pictures and expect to see us getting back to the old ways… I know that in any moment our whole life can drastically change… but right now I am going back to the basics, remembering how to have fun and enjoy my family.

Thanks to all our new readers…welcome!! Glad to have you. I love hearing from you and love that prayers are being said for our family all over the world.

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

You bet we're praying - fervently! Have you on the prayer list at church too. And everyone had those 'blah' days. Y'all are going through a lot. You're tired. It's ok. You've got your priorities straight and I truly believe that God will carry you when you're too tired to walk. Continued prayers and hugs!