Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayers for Sweet Sweet Harrison.

The CHD world was rocked to it’s core today, as the news spread that yet another little heart warrior had earned his wings, a too young of an age.

I imagine that he is happy and his heart is healed as he plays at the playground in the sky.

I worry for his parents. I pray that they have a strong support system to help them pick up the pieces and carry on. Harrison, is not here… but he is and always will be in their hearts.

I am sad today so very sad… at times the tears have come down so hard. I am grieving a little boy who until his passing I had never even heard of. I’m mad about that… I wish I “knew” him while he was a live. I wish I had followed his mom’s care page and prayed for him, as I do all our heart “friends”

I know that there are lots of different outcomes as we write our heart stories. I usually can find comfort from the babes that a triumphant and rejoice with their families, and it gives me the strength to face another day.

Then a story like sweet Harrison’s comes a long and shakes me to my core. I let my mind go to that place that is always there and that I keep buried with memories of chalk and ice cream. Praying with all my might that my girls story ends with a Happily Ever After. Because that is what I need and want so desperately for my sweet baby girl. I want exactly what I know Harrison’s mama wanted for her beautiful little boy…and I am ANGRY that she didn’t get that.

All kids are special! All kids are a miracle…. but there is something about these heart babes… they have a twinkle in their eyes and smile that will melt your very own heart. They don’t give up.,.. they fight for each and everyday they have here on earth.

I was so oblivious to this before I had Kate. I am angry that I was so oblivious….and I am angry that I no longer have that ability.

Please as you say your prayers tonight say an extra for Harrison and his family.

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LaurenMissesYou said...

This made me cry. I don't mean that my eyes watered or even welled up, I mean fully formed tears are slipping down my cheeks. I can't even imagine what it must be like to live in the world of hospital stays and special hearts. You express your feelings more eloquently than I think I could.

Lots of love to you and Katy and family, lots of love to Harrison and his family.

Lauren and Sierra