Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

WOAH! It’s been 10 days since my last post!

This warm fun weather has me wanting to sip iced coffee… and play with sidewalk chalk & bubbles with the two cutest kids I know!



I LOVE spring… its usually short lived here in New England. So we try and drink it up. We as in me and every other New Englander. We break out the shorts, open the windows, the grocery store sells out of hamburger buns, the lake by our house is PACKED with people walking. Birds are singing and Mike and I look at each other a sigh… and say to each other “Could this be any better” as we sat watching our babes run around!


On Saturday we attended two birthday parties!!

We had a root tooting yee-hawing good time celebrating Cowgirl Kiera’s 2nd Birthday!







Right from Kiera’s Coral we swung by Monkey Joe’s to wish Christian a very Happy 5th Birthday!

The kids had a BLAST at Monkey Joe’s. K & P were way too bored in the Toddler Area where I would have been happy to have the play the entire time. They took off into the big jumpers, which was a little scary for this Helicopter mom. ( I know I am such a helicopter mom… hate it, can’t help it) I was freaking out that I couldn’t see them at all times and that they were being stepped on and bounced on. Mike told me to go for a walk! HAHA!


We had a glorious weekend!! One of my favorites so far!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Erin