Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Catch Up… Catch All

Spring…what spring?  I live in Boston we have two season Winter and Summah!

I’m not complaining… except I am.  It’s hot… record high heat in early June is not fun. 

Reason #1 It is  too hot to swim… all water options are still way too cold unless you are 2 & 3 and look adorable running through a sprinkler.


Reason #2 Allergies are still wicked bad… I think this is the worst year ever, for allergy sufferers and I am an allergy sufferer, and it stinks.

Reason # 3 I am WHITE! OH. MY. AM. I . WHITE and freckly… Katy loves to point that out to me! 

(Notice, my Boston accent slipping out… summah…wicked! Usually only happens when I have had too much to drink.  Not the case tonight!)

Truthfully… I love summer and am totally ready to embrace it.  Looking forward to many cookouts at my dad’s.  Eating…chatting… swimming…laughing… cruising through the back yard.


So my girl… you know the dancer!


She has her big recital this weekend.  Her dress rehearsal was yesterday.  It’s killing me not to post a picture, bit I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone who is coming to the recital.  Anyway… she did great on stage, much better than we expected,  I totally felt like a crazy Toddler & Tiara mommy.  But, my girl she shined, she smiled, she ROCKED it.  So proud of her.  Yes, I bawled like a baby!! The bad cry… which made her dance teachers cry… we were a mess.  Hopefully it’s out of my system and I can just watch Katy girl shine on Saturday!

We are gearing up for our big walk for Children’s Hospital on Sunday!! So happy to give back to a hospital that has done so much for our family.

Katy has a big week coming up.  Monday she has a long day of Pre Op at Children’s and then Tuesday she has a  Cardiac Cath & MRI.  We are hoping it is just a day visit, but we know we might end up overnight.  Oddly enough this is the first appointment I have really no anxiety, ok let me rephrase that.  I have no additional anxiety. 

My feeling is that there is nothing they can tell me that can be worse than what they told me last year after her cath & MRI.  I am not expecting any huge changes, and if there are, there is really nothing that will change… the only fix is a new heart. 

The only thing that may happen is, we may learn that her heart is failing faster and the pressures are too high and she needs a different medicine regimen, which may mean we are hospital living until we get a heart.  Not ideal, not how I want to spend our summer, also not completely a surprise.  We all want what is best for Katy, and we are all working towards a common goal that gives Kate the best childhood possible with the situation she has been given. 

Thanks for your prayers, thanks for thinking of us and Katy Girl.  Will update as soon as we know something.



Adriana said...

these pics are great and that car is AMAZING

Anonymous said...

Stunning pics! Thinking of all of you. The McDonaghs

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

Amiee, I have been following Katy's blog for a while now & my daughter loves looking at all the adorable photos of both Katy and her handsome little brother. Katy & your family are constantly in our thoughts. Hoping for no surprises on Tuesday and we can't wait to see her recital pictures!!

P.S. My daughter loves that Katy lives in MA too!