Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mom’s Get in the PICTURES


I love seeing all the pictures of your adorable kids… It’s 99 % of the reason I visit your blogs or Facebook. Kids are cute!!!   I love that in this digital age we are all taking lots more photos than our parents did, and I know our kids or going to love seeing every millisecond of their life.

Do you know what they are going to love even more 30 years from now?!

They are going to love seeing YOU in the pictures with them.

Pass the camera off… I try and I would say I make it in to roughly 10% percent of the photos OK maybe it’s more like 5 %.  I have been known to shy away, because I don’t have any make up on or yadda yadda yadda…  but I try to get in there, and you should to.

Also, try not to zero in so tightly on your little sweeties face.  I do this because 99% of the time I am trying to hide mount laundry… but try to get some shots of their surroundings they will get a kick out of seeing the styles and decorations in their home from the olden days.

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Spoiled Mama said...

So True Amiee...I am prob in 5% of Pictures with Joyce, if that...great advice!