Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So much to say…

no time for it right now.  I will give a full report with pictures this weekend.  For now I leave you with this tidbit… more for me than for you.

( I don’t want to forget!!!)

Today on the way home from our fun Keys for Katy mini getaway… we stopped for dinner.  During dinner we discussed as we usually do… what our favorite part of the day/event was.  We have been doing this since Katy had just a few words… now its become tradition and so fun to hear what they say.

Katy: “Sleeping in the Love Shack!!!”

Patrick: “Dancing on the stage”

Daddy: “Katy, greeting Jimmy Keys on Monday night!! Loved seeing her so happy and excited to see him.”

Mommy: “After the show Tuesday night chatting well into the night with the family and Jimmy & Kimmy”

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