Friday, August 26, 2011

Some days are so good…

that they force my mind to go and think about how unnormal (is that a word?)  our life really is.

Tonight after listening to Kate talk about her need for a heart transplant, and that she takes all her meds to keep her heart healthy. After listening to the beep beep of her feeding tube while Mike primes it… this unnormal (it is  not a word, but I like it) doesn’t seem fair.  But, then again what is fair?!  Maybe this is the price I pay to get to be the mama to this sweet sweet girl. 


Seriously… she is mine all mine (well I share her with her daddy… )!!

The baby I prayed for, wished for, and hoped for, the baby I never thought I would  be lucky enough to mother.

Then I hit the jack pot!! Blessed with two babies in two years.  A girl and a boy!! Perfection!!


How can I complain… Katy is healthy and doing well, we spend a lot more of our time out of the hospital then we do in.  I always say it could be worse… and a good friend always reminds me that it could be a lot better.

It’s not normal to have your babies race to a feeding pump in their bedroom to fight over who is going to push the buttons on it. 


It is normal to build forts with your cousins and play pretend…


It’s not normal to order cute fun hospital gowns off of Etsy instead of adorable skirts and dresses.


It is normal to paint sea shells from your most recent beach trip…


Normal not normal, fair un fair… it’s our life.

I like to think of it more as an ebb and flow of life.  Take the good with the bad. 

Enjoy the good times… ride out the tough times.

You know…Embrace the Journey.



Christina said...

Been following Kate's journey since the beginning. This post really warmed my heart- your positive attitude gets you through the tough times and helps you "embrace the journey". You're always in my prayers for an easier journey and for a new heart for Kate. :)

Kris said...

Nice post Amiee...really sums things up. Always waiting...always there in the back of your mind yet always thankful. Who wouldn't be with such great kids! Keep up the wonderful job you and Mike are doing..enjoy each day but always keep praying ....Take a hint from Katy, make even the ugly things fun and get in that fight to "push the button'! Love you guys XOXOX Kris

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Thank you for sharing part of your journey and those beautiful children with us. You are all in my daily prayers. Katie reminds me on a daily basis of how life is truly meant to be lived and that is a priceless gift. So hug her for me and thank her.

Maggie World said...

Hi, Great post! I just stumbled her from blogstar. I have the same attitude you do with regard to my daughter's needs. It just is what is is and we make the best of it everyday. Lots of laughs in our "unnormal" world, that's for sure.

Sally McDonald