Friday, September 09, 2011

You still here?

I hope so… I promise I have a good reason for being MIA… I had a picture catastrophe.  No really, it was a  living nightmare.  I downloaded my camera card full of wonderful memories, deleted the card.  (Do you know where this is going?!  Only to open  he non existent  files on my computer… poof they were gone.

Devastated is an understatement.  I was actually so upset that I was speechless… which if you know me I am never speechless.  I had no words and I had no idea how I would move on from that moment…OK now I am being a bit melodramatic.  Mike was confident that he would be  able to recover the lost data from the memory card that I deleted.  His words were comforting, but really useless until I was able to see the images  ahh…my sweet sweet pictures!! Yup they were there… and for $25 they could be mine.  Best $25 dollars I have spent in a long time.  So I now own the program, if you ever need your photos recovered from your memory card I can make it happen for you. 

So now that I have them all organized safe and sound on my hard drive, external hard drive, and on DVD’s I am ready to share with you all the amazingness that has been going on.  Well that was a big build up… I mean everyday is amazing but you know mostly we are the same. 

No big announcements…

Katy is still waiting for her heart… yup we have been waiting over a year. 

Patrick is still adorable as ever!!

No, I am not pregnant.

But, we did have a fun summer.  Lots of pool time, time with friends and family.  I am to tried to even to post a picture,  or figure out how I plan to catch up…back date… jumbled mess… etc., etc.,  I will sleep on it…however there will be photos LOTS of photos that are all safe and sound.

I am now rambling… until tomorrow…




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