Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch Up! Catch All

What is normal? I keep asking that question. I have no idea… I don’t know what to expect as normal.  Normal for us seems to change in a split second.  Good or bad we never know what to expect.  I will say that my recovery time is much quicker and I have learned to roll with the punches.  What a week we have had… I almost am afraid to share since it seems so unbelievable.


Katy & Patrick are both LOVING preschool.  It makes me so happy to hear Katy go on and on about her day, her teachers  friends, what they did and how she  can’t wait to go back. 

Patrick is still having a  semi rough drop off… but it lasts all of 2 seconds.  Other than that he loves it to. I think he has already stolen a few of his teachers hearts…(how could he not)



We all got our flu shots and then we all promptly (minus Mike…he is an OX and thankfully never catches the nastiness) were down for the count with some sort of bug…fevers/sore throat/ runny nose…a bunch  of hot messes.  Just as I was getting over that on Thursday… Patrick dropped the heaviest pot we own on his toe.  We thought for sure it was broken and headed to the pedi office .  Thankfully much to everyone's surprise it was not broken.


Friday we kept Patrick home from school (doctor’s recommendation) and spent the day puttering around the house… since it was in need of some TLC after the week I spent on the couch.  I was working on my all time favorite chore of swapping the summer/winter wardrobes upstairs between the two bedrooms…. When it happened… I fell… an uncontrollable UGLY fall… I mean I hit every inch of my body and was a mess… I thought for sure I had shattered my knee cap.

At this time it is 2:20 and we need to pick Katy up at 2:30 and Mike is trying to figure out ho w to calm me down enough to get me down the 2 flights of stairs.  Since there was no doubt… I needed to go to the ER… again never a dull moment.

Miraculously I am able to hobble my way out to the van as I watch my knee triple in size. 

I am happy  to say that NOTHING is broken but I did earn myself a knee immobilizer,  a set of crutches and a bunch of pain meds…and I also landed myself back on the couch for the weekend. 

Right now it is just…wait and see and will decide on Monday what the plan is with Ortho.



Slowly we are gathering things for our stay at Children’s.  Many of you have asked what we need and what you can do.  I am in the process of making a list of our needs and will share it with you soon.


Happy Sunday!


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