Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Patrick’s First day of Nursery School


Well today was Patrick’s first day of school at Little Treasures School.  Little Treasures is an adorable little preschool with an amazing, kind and generous staff.

I have worked in many preschools/daycares and let  me tell you… the things I witnessed scared the crap out of me. 

It was never our plan that our kids would go to daycare. It is just my personal opinion that kids should be home with their mama’s (or daddy’s) for their baby/toddler years.  I know that it is not always an option.  I do think that preschool is AWESOME for four year olds. 

So as excited as I was for my girl to head off to preschool… I was less then excited for my little man to go.

For Katy it was more optional and something she really, REALLY wanted to do.  So I was very happy that we were able to offer her that opportunity. 

For Patrick it was more of a necessity… Patrick living in the hospital with us was not really an option and I hated the idea of him being passed from person to person.  So when the generous offer was presented to us for childcare 3 days a week at a local preschool, that I happened to know the assistant director of ( I had her baby boy in Preschool…talk about full circle)  It really seemed like an answer to our prayers. 

Consistency for Patrick is going to be huge… and once I met the owner/director I knew it was going to be a great place for our little man.  To play,be loved and engaged while Mike and I are at the hospital with K.

That is not to say that I didn’t cry at drop off… it didn’t help that he did to.  Granted he stopped before we were to the car and his sweet teacher called to let us know all was well. 

It is nice knowing that he will be loved, and engaged and having fun. 


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CJ said...

He is such a cutie - but that last picture...Too cute for words. Hope he enjoys himself :)