Monday, November 21, 2011

Be Thankful

Be Thankful in all circumstances. 

I love this time of year… I cherish the opportunity to reflect on the year, share what we are thankful for, and just be with loved ones.  One of my favorite things to do is the 30 Days of Thankfulness that is viral on Facebook.  I love to hear what others are thankful for… the big things like being Cancer free, their husbands, kids and then the not so typical Big things… but more the real life day to day things that we are thankful for… Starbucks… baby wipes… wine!

I have to say when November 1st rolled around… I felt anything but thankful.  We were at Children’s, Katy was very sick and I was a mess.  I could not participate… I was angry and frustrated. I was anything but thankful.  I once again felt alone and left out.  Reading what people were thankful for made me angry, possibly jealous.  I couldn’t see past what our life was at that very moment.  Most of all I was frustrated with myself that I could not find one thing in that moment to be thankful for…not one thing.  So I gave up… I decided to skip being thankful…and have a pity party instead.

This past week I had my first teacher conference with Katy’s preschool teacher.  As I was looking around the room, I spotted Katy’s Thankful Turkey.  With tears in my eyes I read what my little girl is thankful for… she is thankful for going to restaurants, for the mall, for her mommy and daddy and Patrick, for her nurses that help take care of her, and Turkey.  How awesome is she.  I learn so much from her everyday.

Seeing her thankful turkey reminded me that  I have so much to be thankful for… possibly more than I have had in years past.  When I think back to November first, now from the comfort of my living room I am able to think of specific things I was thankful for.  The thing is you can always find something to be thankful for. So I will leave you with 30 things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for…

1. My amazing, strong, caring and understanding husband.  Mike is my best friend and I am most thankful to have him by my side for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer.  I love you baby, forever and always!

2.  My girl Kate… my first born she made me a mama.  The greatest gift I have been given.  She is a ray of sunshine and has a strength like none I have ever seen.  She has been making the world better since she took her first breath (almost 4 years ago)  She is the epitome of a miracle and reminds us each and everyday. I love you to the moon and back Katy Girl.

3. My baby boy… Patrick. He is wise beyond his years, and can keep me laughing on my hardest days.  He is such a perfect addition to our family.  He is the best Little Big Brother and a ray of sunshine in our life.  I love you to infinity and beyond Bubba!

4.  Children’s Hospital and the fact that it is 20 minutes from our house .

5.  Dr. Marx who diagnosed and followed Katy for her first 2 years of life and 20 weeks in utero.  He got us through some difficult and uncertain times in our life.  His bedside manner was superb and such a comfort to me during the most difficult time in my life.

6. The nurses and caretakers, they can make or break you when you are inpatient.  They remind me that I am Katy’s mom and a BIG part of the team and to speak up and advocate, when I am tired and worn  down.  They remind me to go get a cup of coffee, to eat, or to sleep when Katy sleeps. 

7. My parents.  I could not get through any of this without them.  They have been there for me physically, emotionally and financially.  I love you!! Thank you! (This includes you Tracy)

8.Krissie… who is the best of the best she is my mom, my favorite aunt and my best girlfriend all rolled in to one.  She loves me and my family like we are her own and she tells me like it is… she keeps me grounded and let me know its OK to fall apart and tells me when I am out of line.  She recuses me for girls day out and spoils my kids.  I love you like a fat kid loves cake Winking smile

9. My friends that lift me up when I need it, but can also cry with me too.

10.  Coffee… it gets me through the day

11. My camera… it gives me the chance to capture our life.

12. All the heart moms I have met and have walked this path before me and are mentors to me, and to the ones who are walking behind us. 

13.  Our extended family that have really shown us the love these past few years. 

14.  Katy’s amazing teachers, that have given her the opportunity and accommodated her needs and made this school year awesome!!!

15 Little Treasures School for their spot for Patrick, where he is able to grow and learn.  All while have a fun comfortable consistent place for him.  I have never before met a nicer, more caring group of teacher.It is an amazing place.

16. For everyone that has prayed or thought of our  family during this crazy time.

17. Hearing people share Katy’s story…

18. Our current team of doctors headed by Dr. Blume who are making the best medically choices for Katy and helping guide us down the transplant path, and who love Katy.

19.  Everyone that is an organ donor.

20. Under eye concealer

21. Ambien for the nights that it is too hard to sleep… it gives me the ability to get the rest I need to face another day.

22. Catch The Funk Dance Studio and Miss Sharon who has given Katy the gift of dance, and has built her self confidence and gross motor skills. 

23. The Elves that are helping us make Christmas morning a bit brighter this year.

24. A sizeable stash of scrapbooking materials so that I can continue to enjoy my hobby.

25.  Lastly, I am thankful for this blog… it has been a great outlet for me.  A great record of our life and a way to communicate with lots of people. 

What are you thankful for?


Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for sharing!

Love from The McDonaghs

Kris said...

Nice job! Of course it starts my day off in tears! I love you and I am also thankful that your family has always been part of my life! Don't forget Friday..we will talk..and Sunday!