Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Some Thoughts…

It is so good to be home.  So good to be doing normal family things.  Lot’s of laughing and snuggles.  Hanging out in our Jammies and adjusting to the time change.  Gosh it get’s dark so early!!!


We have been trying so new hair do’s.  Katy’s hair has gotten so long and has really started to thicken up.


Katy is back in school and went to dance.  She is so happy!! Feeling great! Looking fantastic.  I think the “Tune Up” did her a world of good.  She seems to be running at full throttle and we couldn’t be happier. 


This last hospital stay has influenced Katy & Patrick’s play.  There is a lot of hospital play and pretending to be Dr. Blume or Dr. Daley… Minnie get’s tube feeds, and Mickey has to have labs drawn.  It has really been eye opening to just how much they “get”


Katy and Patrick had experienced another first.  We all know how I live for firsts…



We took them to their first movie… The Lion King.  They both did great…and were memorized the entire time.  So thankful for the opportunity of a fun filled family day!!


We are still planning on an extended hospital stay right after Christmas… so it is looming over our heads a bit but definitely not consuming our thoughts.  Usually by this time I am busily planning my princess’ birthday…however we made the decision to hold off and hold a summer…. Wonderland Party for her half birthday when hopefully life isn’t so hectic.  Trust me their will still be cupcakes and celebrating our special girl on her actual birthday!!



Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing well. LOVE the Lion King. What a great first movie for them! Thinking of you!

Love from The McDonaghs

Kris said...

The Lion King poster pic cracks me up. You have a beautiful smile and the kids look miserable. Good thing you said they loved it because that pic didn't look it. (The others looked fun though!)