Monday, December 19, 2011

I Believe in Santa

It's funny, when you are a child you are lost in the magic of Christmas, but then you receive that crushing blow that Santa is not real and that magic seems to go away.
For many, the magic returns when you have children of your own, and I've had the opportunity to share that Christmas magic with Katy and Patrick for the last 5 years. Mike & I have had the privilege to be the ones providing the magic, We’ve been the one that has  brought  pure joy to their faces all the while letting Santa take the credit, it has been magical.
This year however, we found ourselves in a position where for the first time ever, we weren’t going to be able to provide that magic for our children. Life circumstances took it away from me, and while I'm sure we would have had a wonderful Christmas just the same spending time with family and friends, I would have felt like a failure.  Not getting to see that joy on their faces on Christmas morning because, for the first time ever, we  just didn't have the money to do it this year
It all started with an email from Katy’s dance teacher, shortly after our last hospital admission.  She was asking what she could do and that she and her friends and family would like to help “Santa” out this year.  My initial reaction was to politely decline. Then I realized that she most likely wouldn’t take no for an answer.  So I put my pride aside and focused on Katy & Patrick and thought about their Christmas Wish Lists knowing there was no way to make all those wishes come true as we had in the years past.  So I emailed her their lists and said just one thing would be such a blessing. 
Well within 24 hours I had another message in my inbox…requesting more ideas. WHAT!?! The list I gave was pretty hefty for each child.  I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined that they could fill all those requests and come back asking for more.
This is a tough year for a lot of families, and to think that people, strangers were willing to provide for my family all these “extras” blew me away.  With each email I cried a bit more… happy tears, thankful tears.
Shortly after Thanksgiving it was time to pick everything up.  Miss Paula tried to prepare me for the magnitude of their generosity…but honestly nothing could prepare me for what was there for my family.  I literally backed into Santa’s Workshop.  I had told myself not to cry…but I couldn’t help it. 
Every.single. item on their wish list was there in addition to beautiful clothes, shoes, boots, diapers, wipes and an abundance of gift cards.
  The gifts are now wrapped and thanks to the generosity of others, Katy & Patrick are going to have a wonderful Christmas. We are going to experience that special joy on Christmas morning.  That indescribable, magical feeling.  I am so thankful, they brought the true spirit of Christmas to my home.
I don't know how I can ever thank you . I've always believed in the spirit of Christmas, but this year, more than ever, the spirit has touched me and my family and I am just so overwhelmed and grateful. So for those that I have already thanked, thank you again, and for those that I haven't, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Merry Merry Christmas
Much Love,
Mike, Amiee, Katy & Patrick


Dirt Road Quilter said...

Yes, Virginia (ie: Aimee), there is a Santa Claus! Just so you know, you just made my Christmas. Love and hugs and prayers that every moment of your celebration be infused with magic.

Kris said...

Remember the conversation we had about missing the good things by focusing on the overwhelming? My dear, you now understand...thanks to those wonderful people from me as well.Merry Christmas too! XOXOX

Wendy Briggs said...

Aimee, we are sending your family prayers for peace and happiness this Christmas season. You all deserve it more than anyone!

Helen said...

What a wonderful thing!!!
People can be amazing!! A couple of years ago when I was struggling some of my friends also made it possible for Santa to visit. I'm so glad it has happened for you xxx

Anne Marie said...

Every child deserves a Magical Christmas and every parent with a sick child deserves one too. There is very little you can do for Katy but you can make her day special and you have. You and Mike deserve to have one day of utter joy with all you both are going through right now. Never feel guilty because you deserve it as much as anyone.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait to see all the great pictures of Christmas morning.

Anne Marie