Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sweet Sweet Kate

Has a bad bad cold.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this.  The baby monitor is alerting me to every cough… and every breath. Trying to let her get some rest… but finding it so hard not to keep going in to check on her.  We spent  four hours at the pediatrician’s office in hopes of avoiding a trip to Children’s.  We left with a “Watch her…if she gets worse you know what to do.”  We did rule out Pneumonia, and she does not appear to be in congestive heart failure.   All huge blessings!!  However her heart rate is increased (129) and her 02 sats are low (94), all concerning,  but not alarming. 

I’m feeling helpless… I want to just nurse her through her cold with chicken soup, rest and a jammie day.  I want to be the one to make her better, to know that what I am doing is enough. Not to have to consult with pediatricians, cardiology, transplant, radiology… all robbing me of my job as a mama.  Not to have doctors doubt my decisions, to think they know my girl better than me.

I shouldn’t be crying over a cold… but I am.  I am tired oh so tired, and I am annoyed at the mom who sent her clearly sick child to school last week and as a result took out half the class including two teachers and ultimately Katy.  I know I can’t put her in a bubble, nor do I want to… but common sense is if your kid has green thick snot pouring out his nose, a horrendous cough, and those sick little watery eyes. KEEP HIM HOME!!! Enjoy that jammie day and chicken soup with your babe who will bounce back after a day or two of rest… and maybe just maybe you will spare my daughter, who will not bounce back with a cup of chicken soup and a movie day with mama… instead she will struggle to breath and cough so hard that she vomits.

Prayers are needed and much appreciated.  She is a tough cookie… so much stronger than her mama.  Smiling with a fever of 102… and making the nurses laugh.  She is awesome so awesome and she doesn’t deserve this.

Prayers we can keep this moving and not end up in the hospital where RSV and GI bugs are running rampant. 


The Q family said...

I am just "meeting" Katie, but she is already a hero to me (and you too!)! I am so sorry that she is sick and I will be praying that she is able to overcome it outside of the hospital.

~aj~ said...

Saying a prayer for your sweet daughter!

Stefenie said...

Awww. Poor Katy! {{{HUG}}} for you momma! Hang in there. Praying Katy gets better really soon!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying as always. Love to you all.

The McDonaghs