Sunday, April 01, 2012

Around Here…

Mama went blonde…

Amiee Goes Blonde

Thanks Nicole… Its growing on me!

Spring cleaning is in full effect, and we all know who is doing more than his fair share!

DSC_0338  Looks like the Mr. needs a haircut…guess his wife should get on that!! Oh, and I am pretty sure he is going to kill me for posting this oh so flattering picture!!! 

Katy & Patrick are learning to:


ride their bikes!! We had some gorgeous summer like weather here in New England extremely high 80’s temps in March!! Pretty crazy! We sure took advantage of it.




It’s going to take a little practice especially for my girl with the low muscle tone.


This little man still melts my heart…

DSC_0326-001       I mean really could be be any CUTER?

Oh and this girl…


She is doing AWESOME! We know we are on borrowed time, so we are loving on her each and every minute.  Its amazing how fast things are changing and how smart she is getting.  Love that we have had this bit or normalcy.

I am looking forward to lots more days like these!!

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