Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dreams do come true

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of being a mama to a sweet baby girl.  The girl grew and she still dreamed of a little one that she could dress up and play with, place rollers in her hair and lip gloss on her lips…she even though that if she was ever lucky enough she would name that little girl Kathryn, but she would call her Katy. Kathryn was her fancy name.
Well as you know… my dream came true.  My Katy is here and I am loving being her mama.  (I love being Bubba’s mama, but that is a different kind of mama…full of cars and blocks and fire fighting oh, and the building of forts)
It all came full circle last week when I place curlers in her hair, lip gloss on her lips, and slipped her into my wedding gown.  (Oh, yeah! The wedding gown that went right along with my princess wedding) Yup, that is the one…

oh yeah… she loved it!! She saw it and said “Mama, that is a princess dress…can I wear it?!”
DSC_0005 1
I have no idea if she will want to wear it 20 years from now… (a mama can hope) but I know that at 4 she thought it was pretty cool to wear her mama’s marriage dress.

My girl rocked the dress… and this mama’s heart was so full!!
So thankful my prayers were answered and I get to live my dream.

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