Saturday, April 28, 2012

Status Quo

Not much to report here. 

We are gearing up for a our busy season… we hibernate for the Winter.  Then we slowly emerge at the first sign of flip flop weather and we are going full throttle by May 1st and we run and run and run until November 1st. 

I don’t know why it is… maybe it’s the germs, maybe it’s seasonal depression, or the cold.  I don’t know but we spend our winters cuddled up.  I love that time.  We linger in our jammies a bit longer, we really slow down.  As much as I enjoy our snuggled winters I love are fun filled, warm days.  Whether our days are spent at the beach, the park, visiting our extended families, or late nights in the driveway drawing murals with side walk chalk, they are so much fun! So full, so busy…maybe that is why we spend the following 6 months recovering.

Hard to believe Katy’s last hospitalization was in November.

I am shocked and unbelievably happy and hopeful we can make it through the summer.

We see transplant on Tues and we have an Echo to check in on that funky heart.  I know they are going to want to schedule a Cath… I am going to try to hold them off until end of June. 

That’s all… not much to say like I said we are pretty status quo… and status quo is fine by me.


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