Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekends like these get us through the tough days!

We made a deposit this weekend in the good times that make it all worth while.  We made some memories, memories that will get us through the rough days, weeks, dare I say months ahead of us.


We spent yesterday with our Riley Favorites…. the kids had a blast jumping and playing with their cousins and Mike and I enjoyed catching up and feeling the support from our extended family.  We loved seeing how the babes have all grown…and looking at prom pictures.  Just a great day was had by all.


Today we were able to cross another item off of our ‘Before Katy’s Admission”  Bucket List…we went to visit our favorite boys of summer… at Fenway Park.  Boy, did this day deliver.  What a Gorgeous day day for a ball game. We were gifted some amazing tickets from a dear friends mom’s company…. A Big Shout out to FW WEBB!

Song: A Fine Frenzy What I wouldn’t Do

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Lesley said...

Very nice video! I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and wish that all goes smoothly for your family in the coming months.