Friday, May 04, 2012

Finding Our Way

It’s not like this was a surprise.  Mike and I were both fully aware that this was most likely going to happen, in fact we both thought it would have happened long before now.  However, we also thought that his leg of the journey would be behind us and we would be focusing on Katy and her new heart.

Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, offers and for once again reminding us that we are not alone.  So many of you have asked how you can help, what you can do, etc.  I am so thankful each time I log on I am flooded with kind words and “What can I do to help”

The truth is I don’t really know yet.  We don’t have a definite date yet we know it will be mid June after June 15th. (As long as Katy stays healthy")  We don’t know how long we will be admitted for because we have no idea when a heart will come for Kate.  We do know that as a 1A we are 5 times more likely to get a heart than we are as a status 1B. 

For some reason I am not as worried or anxious about Katy and her new heart and getting there… I know what it is, I know what is expected and I can do that.  I feel I can take care of that… that is something I can do it will be hard…but Katy will get me through that piece I get so much strength from that little Rockstar!

What scares me is everything else….

Patrick and making sure he is well taken care of and making sure he feels secure and comfortable and that his world is not turned upside down.

Laundry, cleaning, cooking, eating all  the everyday things that we do that still need to be done while facing this life altering event.

My pride…is gone.  I had to learn a long time ago to accept help and be grateful and thankful.  I have also learned that it is just easier for everyone if I tell you what are needs are than having you try to guess and ending up with 10 visits on one day and 30 sets of crayons. 

The Helping Hands site is up and ready to go when we do… so we should be set for meals. 

I did set up an Amazon Wish List and I have to say I am not 100% comfortable with that… So I am not really sure if I will keep that going. 

The Be A Rock Fund is a great source to help with meals, gas, parking and all the incidentals.

I never want to be greedy… I am thankful for every.single. thing that has been done for our family.  I do know that as a mom I will do whatever it takes for my family and right now that means swallowing my pride and letting our village take care of some things for right now.

I can not wait until Katy gets her greatest gift of all and we can begin to Pay It Forward.

I have great plans for The Be A Rock Foundation.

Thank you!

You are all Rockstars in our eyes.

Much Love,

The Murphy’s



The DuBois Family said...

Aimee, you are always on our minds and in our thoughts. I love you so much and wish I was closer to help you I feel so helpless. Kaylie wants to send Katy a box of goodies please email me some things she would like or her favorite characters and stuff. Not asking telling you lol. Don't ever feel like your being greedy this is a journey you could never do alone. Everyone who offers you help wants to truly help you and your family. Katy needs you healthy and strong let people help keep you healthy mentally and physically. If you ever need to chat, vent or scream please call I will listen or be your yelling board if you need it. Don't hold it in let your frustrations out. From what I can see you are surrounded wonderful people who love all of you and I am grateful for that. I will be in touch but when you get a chance I need a typed copy of Katy's story. Love you tons sis

Traci said...

Aimee, I know that you might feel awkward about the Amazon wishlist or what would appear to be asking for help but I just wanted to say that none of us feel obligated to help out.. we consider ourselves privileged to. You're surrounded by people who love you and that little rockstar of yours and we'd want to help regardless so if there's a specific way that's best then don't feel like you are bothering us by letting us know.

Big hugs to you as you spend these days full of hugs and giggles before the next leg of this journey!